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Pure Water


 Water and air bubbles isolated over white backgroundAt Southern Vending we understand the importance of quality water in the workplace. Knowing this we have developed our water service to meet your needs without the distractions to you or your workplace. We have also improved the quality of water you are drinking while eliminating many of the headaches associated with water service. Nothing satisfies thirst like a cold glass of pure water. Our state-of-the-art purification systems ensure your water is pure and refreshing.


Pure Convenience

We bring the bottling plant to you eliminating the hassles associated with bottled water. Our water coolers are supplied with the water purified through the same filtration process used to make bottled water in bottling plants.


Endless Supply - No Bottles

In the past, the only way to purify water was on a massive scale in bottling plants. This led to bottled water delivery and the customer having to lift, store and change bottles. Southern Vending uses water systems and coolers that have a virtually unlimited supply of purified water.


Cost Savings

The savings you will realize by becoming a customer of Southern Vending extends well beyond the cost of the water. With the cost for office space at a premium, you pay too much per square foot to be storing bottles. There is also a cost associated with the interruption of your staff every time the bottled delivery person stops in or when they have to change a bottle…not to mention the potential workman’s compensation claims regularly associated with employees changing bottles.


Customized Solutions

At Southern Vending we realize that our customer’s water needs are not all the same. We provide your company with the most cost-effective solution to meet your specific water needs. From water purification for drinking purposes to more complex water filtration for laboratories, we specialize in custom water solutions to meet every need.


Installations and System Placement

All of our technicians are trained on the most up-to-date industry standards and techniques. Because of our commitment to “pure convenience” for our customers, we will locate the water cooler in a place that best meets their needs.


Bottle-less Complete Water Service

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